Adrian Rinaldo


Forecasting the phenology, production, and distribution of diadromous fish in order to enable climate adaptation in fish management, Marine Institute, Ireland.

Adrian Rinaldo has a B.Sc. in ‘Biology, Climate and Environment’ (2015-2018) and a M.Sc. in ‘Freshwater Ecology’ (2018-2020) from the University of Tromsø (Tromsø, Norway). While at the University of Tromsø, he wrote his bachelor’s thesis on ‘The effects of water flow alterations on stock-recruitment of anadromous brown trout in the river Skjoma’, and his master’s thesis on ‘Fecundity and egg size of anadromous brown trout’.

Whilst undertaking his master’s degree, Adrian was employed as a graduate teaching assistant on the ‘Biological Resources in the North’ course (2018-2019). In the last four years (2017-2021) during the field season he also worked as a field research assistant / departmental engineer at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.

Research interests: ecology, freshwater ecosystems, salmonids, population modelling and climate change.