training programme

The inventWater training programme will not only result in innovative, risk-taking fellows pushing the state-of-the-art further, but also in water professionals who will be at the same time entrepreneurial and attentive to the diversity of human dimensions (geographic, gender, cultural) involved in the impacts of climate change.

inventWater training is based on three pillars:

1. Network-wide training events.

2. Local structured basic cross-cutting training.

3. Complementary online training (e-learning)

improved climate, impact and adaptation modelling

The participation of the non-academic sector is a key component of our training program. Our strategy of strong inter-sectoral linkages implies that some ESRs need to cover secondments in academic Beneficiaries and
non-academic Partner Organizations.

network-wide training activities

Producing climate services related to seasonal and decadal prediction

ESRs will meet for the first time, learn about each other and the general scope and the fundamentals of forecasting science, ecosystem services, and water quality issues. Virtual at Digital_SAU, January 2022

Incorporating water management in an Earth System Model

This Training School will introduce the ESRs to the wide range of techniques now available to the water sector for acquiring and processing data. Ireland, June 2022


This Training School will develop the necessary scientific and technical skills required to forecast water quality at time scales from days to centuries while accounting for changes in climate and socio-economic activities. Belgium, October 2022

#water management

This Training School will focus on the identification of conflicts in water management, addressing rural versus urban areas, point sources versus diffuse sources, and trade-offs between water uses for different purposes. Germany, July 2023


This Training School seeks to provide ESRs with an entrepreneurial skill set, enabling them to develop and assess an idea and its innovation and business
potential. Denmark, January 2024

sustainable development

ESRs will organize two sessions in the Stockholm World Water Week, co-convened by invent Water and UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme, one focused on forecasting tools developed by the ESRs and the other on the implications for SDG6. Sweden, August 2024