Keerthana Suresh


New global indicators for the impacts of global changes on water quality to improve management and policy making, International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Austria.

Ecosystem restoration, climate change and water security gained my attention during school education, as I grew up in an arid environment. This motivated me to be trained as an Environmental Engineer. Started my profession in environmental consultancy and worked on urban water projects at multiple scales addressing the issues of water availability and management. Fascinated with the net zero projects at that time, I pursued a Master study in Integrated Sustainable Design at the National University of Singapore. This experience stimulated systems thinking and provided me perspectives on multi-disciplinary approach to address food-water-energy nexus for adaptive management. After graduation, I continued to work on diverse projects focused on evaluation studies, nature-based solutions as well as geo-spatial mapping. To further explore my interest in the water sector, I took up an advanced master study in Sustainable Water Resources at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) with research focus on nature-based solutions for flood water management.

I enjoy working on projects addressing issues of climate change and water security. I believe in developing and implementing integrated and adaptive frameworks for judicious water management and efficient decision-making. Through the inventWater project, I hope to contribute to the scientific knowledge in this direction by developing global indicators for water quality to assist evidence-based decision-making. In the process, I look forward to gaining expertise in water quality modelling techniques incorporating remote sensing products.