Floran Clopin


Adaptation measures based on smart nutrient management at the catchment scale for future-proof water quality, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

I first realized a professional BSc Degree (2 years) in “Management and Protection of Nature” at the Institut Jean Errecart (Saint-Palais, France), oriented in practical and field works, collaborating with stakeholders for different study cases. Second, I did a BSc Degree in Biology, oriented on “Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems” at the University Paul Sabatier (Toulouse, France).

Then, I did my 1st year MSc Degree through an Erasmus Exchange at Antwerp University (Antwerp, Belgium) in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution (BEE), oriented on “Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration”.

Finally I achieved my 2nd year MSc Degree BEE focused on “Ecosystems and Anthropization” with a 1st Semester at the University Paul Sabatier and the 2nd semester through an 8 month internship (master thesis) at the “Biodiversity and Ecology” research group at Utrecht University (Utrecht, The Netherlands). My research topic was: “The drivers of stability in response to drought and nutrient addition in a semi-natural temperate grassland” with a field experiment at the Fort bij Rijnauwen (Bunnik, the Netherlands).

I am interested into Ecosystems ecology, resilience, regime shift, tipping point, modelling and anthropogenic impacts.