Daniel Henry


Forecasting feedbacks between the climate system and carbon dynamics in lakes and reservoirs under adaptation scenarios, Center for Advanced Studies of Blanes, Spain

My passion for the environment and water ecosystems has brought me to where I am now. To be part of this amazing project is a commitment to our role as scientists on finding solutions to one of the main global environmental issues, which is climate change, and an exceptional opportunity to contribute from our field of expertise, which is water.

I studied Civil Engineering in the University of Chile, with specialization in hydraulics, sanitation and environment, and completed an Environmental Science’s master in the University of Vienna. My main projects there were related to arsenic removal using constructed wetlands and to the interaction between water quality and methane ebullition emissions in a natural wetland in eastern Austria.

Both, water quality and carbon emissions, have become the fields which motivate me the most. I am sure that inventWater will challenge me further in these aspects and I pretend to make the best out of it.